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Having Your Dream Deck Is Easy.

Installed in as little as two hours, your InstaDeck is the easy way to have the custom-designed deck of your dreams--built in time for that BBQ this weekend.  

Modular, Customizable, Re-designable.
Welcome to the modern way to build decks. 
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Customize to Your Heart's Content

It should be easy to get the deck you want.

Our modular design system gives you complete control of your deck's layout, construction material, railing and accessories.

Avoid Long Renovations

You could leave for work, and have a new deck by the time you're home.

Our expert craftsmen pre-fabricate your custom deck in our specially outfitted workshop, and simply install it in your yard.

Expand, Redesign, and Take it With You

Never feel stuck with your deck design. You can easily expand, contract, redesign, and remove your InstaDeck.


So, whether you want to:


  • Slowly build up your deck year after year.

  • Upgrade sections with unique specialty modules, or

  • Remove your deck and take it with you when you move.


Your InstaDeck makes it easy.


Welcome to The Modern

Way to Build Decks.

Curious? Ask us Anything

Learn more about building your dream deck.

Call us at 1 877 343 3257 or send us a message.

Perfect! We'll be getting back to you ASAP.

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