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Your Yard Never Looked Better, Easier.

About Instadeck

Who We Are

We designed your new deck to last.


Formed in the heart of the Canadian Midwest, InstaDeck was invented by experts in the Construction, Custom Home-Building, and Rapid Industrial Foundation System industries.


We know how tough Canadian climates are: and we design our decks to withstand even the harshest of them.

The Modular System

Making outdoor living simple for you is our number one goal.


That's why we design and build our decks around a modular system that's visually appealing, easy to install and maintain, and simple to upgrade.


Why wait through a whole staining process when you can just have floor modules replaced in 2 hours, for the same price?​

Industrial Grade Foundations

A beautiful deck is nothing without a solid foundation.


We combined our years of industrial foundation-design experience, and built the InstaDeck platform around rapidly installed, industrial-grade helical piles.


Installed in a few minutes with almost no disturbance to the surrounding soil, these piles let us get in and out of your yard quickly, and leave you with a deck who's foundations will last for years to come.


Unlike many residential-strength helical or screw piles, our piles are engineered for use in the demanding environment of the Western Canadian Oil and Gas industry, and are CCMC approved.


They resist settling, frost heave, and lateral strain, and will likely leave your deck more solid than the rest of your house.


When you want to move, or tear down your deck they come out as fast as they were installed, leaving almost no evidence that they were ever there.

For more information on our foundation systems,

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Our Guarantee 

Your peace of mind means the world to us. That's why we stand behind the quality of our beautiful decks, and that conviction is backed up by our 10 Year Workmanship and Foundation Warranty.


Your Deck, Your Way, in an Instant

Enjoying life, family, and the beauty of the great outdoors on the deck of your dreams should be easy for everyone. That's the whole reason we started InstaDeck.


Because of that, we make a point of always being available for each and every one of our clients. 

If you need any assistance with an existing deck, or you'd like to talk to a deck-expert about installing a beautiful new deck in your back yard, call us! We'd be more than happy to help you.



The InstaDeck Family 

1 (877) 343 3257

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